The Handy, rapid-fire note-taking app for the iPhone and iPad.

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Requirements: Compatible with the iPad, iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini
Requires iOS 6.1 or later.

ThinkerDeck is for students, artists, thinkers, educators, presenters and anyone else who wants to take notes fast.

Take notes fast.

ThinkerDeck is all about fast. Got an idea? Inspired by something? Put it in ThinkerDeck.

Keep ideas flowing.

Add cards quickly and easily to keep up with your thoughts.

Flag with Colors.

Highlight and keep track of important notes with 9 colors.

Organize them.

Spread cards out into a grid and drag them into the right order.

Make Decks of Notes.

Merge relevant and related notes into self-contained decks.

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Requirements: Requirements: Compatible with the iPad, iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini Requires iOS 6.1 or later.

20% of the proceeds from ThinkerDeck will be donated to the non-profit Citizen's Film to help support ALS-stricken artist Tucker Stilley and his Permanent Record Project.

What people are saying about ThinkerDeck...


"Its biggest strength is its simplicity. I would use it all the time to organize my editorial schedule and capture the snippets and ideas that I have during my day."

Amber Tresca, Guide

"I'm getting this right away. I could have used it in this morning's meeting!"

Diane Namm, Writer/Director

"A zero hassle app that loads up and gets out of the way, letting you get your thoughts down before they slip away!"


"I've been using ThinkerDeck on a project for the last week nonstop. Check it out, you won't regret it!*****"

Tom Stenquist, Artist

"ThinkerDeck really helps me to organize my thoughts - and to use information in multiple projects. Better than actual index cards!"

Marisa Mofford, Graduate Student

"It's really simple to use and helps me remember ideas for my stories."

Lilah K, 5th grader

"It would be a tremendous help to me as a teacher and to my daughter as a student."

Gennine Z

"Es espectacular para organizar ideas, estudio y trabajo. Definitivamente ayuda a organizar el estudio, trabajo y las ideas en general. La recomiendo!"

Vicente Valjalo

"ThinkerDeck helps me organize multi-faceted projects in a quick, easy-to-use way."

Timo Elliott, Writer/Director

"I love this app. It compliments my ability to take in new information. It should be called ThankYouDeck. Kudos"

Phillip S.

"I love the way this app translates an offline concept to the screen."

Carolyn Grantham (@LimeyG)

"Neat new iPad App to help organize ideas and thoughts - like index cards for the 21st century."

carlfrappaolo (@carlfrappaolo)

"It's a great app and I look forward to using it for a variety of projects!"

Daphne Humphrey Comaskey

"I've created decks for weekly menu planners, DIY house projects, and an outline for a presentation at work."


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