ThinkerDeck Mobile App

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ThinkerDeck Mobile App

Thinkerdeck was an app (tablet and phone) that helped users think through their ideas. Based on an index card model, users took notes, organized them, and downloaded them into an outline.
ThinkerDeck garnered several awards including being selected as a top-five note-taking app for high school students.

Awards and Recognition

Tabby Awards: Finalist
ThinkerDeck was a runner-up in the Tabby Awards for apps in the Utilities category.
Top-Five Note-taking App for High School Students
The education blog Appolearning selected ThinkerDeck as one of the top five note-taking apps for high school students.
Mass Innovation Night: Most Innovative
ThinkerDeck was launched at the MassInno Innovation Nights event and garnered the Most Innovative award.

About ThinkerDeck Mobile App

ThinkerDeck used the UX device of index cards to provide an organizational tool on the iPad and iPhone platforms. A very simple interface enabled users to quickly and easily take notes. Cards could then be viewed as a large grid and organized and sorted into different decks. The results can then be exported as a starting point for papers and further study.

The education blog Appolearning selected ThinkerDeck as one of the best note-taking apps for high school students and it was a runner-up in The Tabby Times' Tabby Awards for Utilities.

ThinkerDeck was conceived by Michael Grover who wrote and planned the product specifications, and iterated through the development. Coding for the app was handled by Konstantinos Kontos.

ThinkerDeck was in use by users around the world and bulk purchased by three universities.

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